King Leung is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and more specifically on how ‘Big Data’ will transform the way companies do business and interact with their customers in the future.

Based on experience in serving CRM clients in different sectors, together with close interaction with CRM-related technology leaders and start-ups, King came to the conclusion that we need a very different model and structure in order to adequately fulfil the loyalty (target) marketing needs for companies. To achieve this mission, in 2013, Datatrade officially spun off her CRM business unit to become Clix, an ‘Intelligence Driven Loyalty Marketing’ company.

King has been serving in leadership roles for many years with groups such as the Marketing Society – Asia Chapter, Asia America Multi-technology Association (Pearl River Delta), Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (YDC) with the mission of fostering innovation (esp. around Big Data and Data-driven Marketing) and entrepreneurship in Greater China and Asia.