[D+D] member research

Many [D+D] members conduct their own research that is relevant to the digital & direct marketing industries within Asia. This research is on a variety of topics such as email, programmatic and marketing automation.

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Eyeota Index Q3 2015

Deepen your knowledge of how audience data is used in programmatic. Download the Eyeota Index for deeper insights on driving factors and to find out more about the leading trends worldwide. This is an invaluable resource for media planners as well as publishers to learn which data segments are most in demand. Advertisers are investing in audience data worldwide to reach their desired target audiences. While overall data usage decreased 7% in APAC, data still grew 42% in Southeast Asia. Download the report here and the infographic here.

Marketing Automation Best Practice Guide 2013

The Marketing Automation in Asia Pacific Best Practice Guide takes an unbiased look at the role of automated marketing tools in the Asia pacific region, exploring the specific challenges, opportunities and implementation best practices and effective marketing strategies. The report, sponsored by Emarsys, is essential reading for APAC marketers who want to have a clear understanding of customer journeys in their target markets and interact with them across the entire sales funnel. Download the report here.