We provide a job vacancy listing service to enable member companies to recruit staff. Along with employment opportunities, we also list candidates in the marketplace with digital and/or direct experience.

Emails for this service are sent out on an ad hoc basis and no guarantee is given that vacancies will receive applicants or that there will be interest shown in job seekers.

employment opportunities

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The service for listing job vacancies is only available to [D+D] members. Corporate members may list up to five (5) vacancies free of charge at any one time. Associate members are also able to list vacancies for a fee.

Please let us know if you wish to .

NB: vacancies shall be listed until the end of the following month unless a closing date for applications is provided.

available candidates

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The candidate listing service is only available to genuine job seekers with digital and/or direct marketing experience – not currently employed persons seeking a change. If you meet the below criteria and would like to be included, please .

  1. your latest CV or link to your LinkedIn profile
  2. one short paragraph about yourself written in the third person with no direct reference to previous employers
  3. the country(ies) you wish to work in
  4. your visa requirements

Do note that [D+D] does NOT have vacancies in-house NOR are we a recruitment agency.

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