What Causes Intussusceptibility in Babies?

Intussusception refers to the difficulty of getting proper ventilation to the stomach. It is a common condition in both young children and in older adults. It is more common in pregnant women and may be due to an underlying illness.


There are minor health conditions that can make the intestines more susceptible to rupture. Surgery, hemorrhoids, cancer of the digestive system and pregnancy all can lead to serious complications that can result in Intussusceptibility.


Intussusceptibility occurs when blood collects in the abdominal cavity. Normally, the sphincter relaxes and the intestines pass through this opening. However, when the intestine ruptures during the passage, this will cause the blood to pool, sometimes resulting in severe pain. Sometimes, surgery may be required to remove the damaged intestine. Most doctors will treat it with antibiotics or other treatments.


Some people who have had heart attacks or diabetes also have a greater chance of developing Intussusceptibility


Other reasons include surgery for tumors, a previous rupture of the bowel or kidney or congenital defects of the digestive system. These conditions often lead to poor diet, so they may also be the cause.


The intestinal tract is designed to rid itself of waste. Because the lining of the intestines is made up of mucus and it is not able to completely eliminate waste as it should, the small intestine can become coated by the waste. If it is not able to do this, bacteria are allowed to grow and thrive. The resulting infection leads to the formation of scar tissues in the abdominal cavity that can result in Intussusceptibility.


Another one of the most common causes of Intussusceptibility is pregnancy. Many women experience intense pain when they have contractions in their lower abdomen and are forced to lie on the back for a period of time. This is often caused by the increased pressure on the lower abdominal area.


The lack of bowel movement during pregnancy can cause the stomach to become constricted. Because there is less room in the intestines, the intestine can become irritated. This can result in constipation, that can result in further irritation of the intestines.


Another common reason why a baby develops Intussusceptibility is from using the wrong position when nursing


When mothers lie on their backs for prolonged periods, the pressure on their stomach increases and the baby may experience difficulty in getting proper ventilation. They may also find that their tummy is hard and painful.


The most common way to treat Intussusceptible Babies is to give antibiotics. However, this treatment has its disadvantages, especially if the mother has a history of colon cancer or other serious illnesses. Because of the increased risk of complications associated with these types of conditions, doctors will recommend surgery.


There are many treatment options available for the condition of Intussusceptibility. Doctors will often combine a number of methods depending on the severity of the condition. In some cases, surgery will be performed to remove the affected intestine.


Traditional Surgical techniques include a small cut made into the abdominal wall to separate the intestines. In more severe cases, surgery may also involve the removal of the intestine and the stomach. Chemotherapy is used to treat the infection that causes Intussusceptibility.


There are a variety of herbal remedies that can be used to help alleviate Intussusceptibility and other conditions that affect digestion, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Diverticulitis, Crohn's disease or IBS. These may include supplements that help strengthen the immune system and prevent scarring from scar tissue forming.


In some cases, doctors will try alternative methods to prevent the condition from occurring, including dietary changes, exercise, avoiding alcohol and changing lifestyle. Avoiding foods that are high in saturated fats, spicy foods and caffeine can have a dramatic effect on the digestive system and the intestinal tract. This can be very effective at eliminating Intussusceptibility.



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