Digital Disruption Asia Summit – 2016/june

Date: 21-22 June 2016
Venue: Singapore
Cost: S$3,599

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Disruptive Innovation and Value Creation in the Digital Economy

Digital disruption is now widely defined as the change that occurs when new technologies, products or business models emerge to create value. While corporates or “incumbents” are already knee-deep into strategies and initiatives that they perceive help them to manage digital disruption, how many truly understand the nature of this phenomenon and why it is happening? How can corporates capitalise on digital disruption to turn problems into opportunities, and ensure business continuity?

What approaches can marketers take to harness the region’s appetite for mobile and social commerce? What will the marketing function look like in the next five years?

The 2nd Annual Digital Disruption Asia Summit presents this year’s theme, “Disruptive Innovation and Value Creation in the Digital Economy“, where we align pioneering methodologies and business case studies, to lead and demonstrate how to foster agile development and innovative enterprises that create value, for business continuity in the digital economy.