6th China Cross-border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition – 2016/dec

Date: 1-2 December 2016
Venue: Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, Shanghai, China
Cost: USD $1,500

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event details

With the successful launching of the 1tst to 5th  Cross-Border eCommerce Events, we have witnessed fast development and cruel reshuffling of the industry; some business modes proved failures while others are in full swing. With 2017 is around the corner, how should the cross border eCommerce firms react and adapt to the changes of domestic policy and international markets so as to stand out from the crowd?

The 6th China Cross-border eCommerce Conference & Exhibition has secured support from the governments of China, including the E-commerce Division of the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Committee, Putuo District of Shanghai. Senior officials from the authorities will attend the event and make presentations. Internationally, eCommerce associations and leading eCommerce firms from the US, Europe, Russia, Latin America and southeast Asia will showcase at the event to explore cooperation opportunities with their Chinese counterparts.

The 6th event is designed to deal with the new situation and new issues confronting the cross border eCommerce industry, striving to provide new solutions for players. The event is divided into import and export sessions, and features a conference plus exhibition, match-making of import and export products and different resources. The prominent figures invited to the event include various links from supply, sales, customs clearance, logistics, payment and policy support. The figures will, in combination with their rich hands-on business practices, made deep insight into latest trends and share their useful cases and experiences.

This 6th event will attract a crowd of 500 participants from the cross border eCommerce industry. Among them, overseas delegates will exceed 100 well-known eCommerce platforms, brands, traditional retailers, factories engaged in foreign trade and solution providers will all show up, featuring an unprecedented scale, this is the event that you can’t afford to miss out on!